Kayla: 9th Grade  | Girls Varsity Volleyball

Athi: 9th Grade  | Boys Varsity Soccer
What’s your most memorable IMS athletic experience?

Kayla: I’ve seen the volleyball program grow in the years I’ve been here. It used to be a small team with just eight players and now the team has 30 players.

Athi: My most memorable moment at IMS so far would be the compliments I’ve been getting on soccer. Everyone’s been open to me playing and i’ve been really comfortable with the whole experience.

What are your goals as an athlete?

Kayla: So I want to move to a secondary school level and play two sports out of three on varsity teams.

Athi: My goal for secondary school is to be the best on my team and I want to make it pro and hopefully play for one of the biggest teams in Europe.

What is your favorite movie:

Kayla: My favorite movies are the Despicable Me movies.

Athi: My favorite movie is The Great Gatsby, mainly because Gatsby is a charismatic man and I’m also charasmatic.

Kit-Kat or Twix?

Kayla: Obviously Twix.

Athi: I just eat anything, I’m not a picky eater.