Boarding students had the option of several off-campus trips on the last Saturday before break, but one activity offered right on campus was to help Mr. C. Pecchia to transform our auditorium stage into the sitting room of a 400 year old manor in Canterville Village, England. 

Thanks to the efforts of eight students and two faculty members, the cast of The Canterville Ghost will have a spectacular stage for their performance on Friday, December 19, at 7:00 pm. 

The cast includes:
Sarah Renkert
Phoebe Torres
Yolanda Cao
Roberta Fisher
Jack Gottsegen
Bea Kiggen
Rosie Kilby
Leila Shea
Paula Canavanti
Charlie Comfort
Cammie Hussey
Sigrid Montagano
Frank Mullins
Mary Ricardelli
Brianna Webb
Bella Zhang

These students have been working incredibly hard since the beginning of the year to give a fantastic performance before the winter vacation. It is sure to be a great time!