The week of April 7-11 was Greek Week at the IMS Lower School! We had some wonderful activities to highlight our Greek studies and yearlong study theme, entitled, “A Greek Odyssey.” We were fortunate to have Ms. Grian MacGregor, who is a professional storyteller, puppeteer, musician, and artistic educator, return to the Lower School for a 3-day residency. She was here Monday – Wednesday helping the students to make characters, shadow puppets, props, and scenery to tell the story of several of the well-known Greek myths, including scenes from The Flying Horse (Pegasus), Perseus & Medusa, Echo & Narcissus, and Orpheus & Eurydice. There was a culmination performance of these critical scenes from the Greek myths on Wednesday at 1:45 in our Multi-purpose room. These were performed behind a beautiful shadow puppet stage that Ms. MacGregor built for the IMS project. We had a great audience of parents, along with all Lower School students and teachers. Then, on Thursday and Friday, Chef Lori Garofalo came to offer cooking classes to round out our fun-filled “Greek Week.” She cooked up some fabulous, Greek culinary delights including hand made spanokopita, tastes of feta cheese and olives on pita bread with thick, Greek yogurt, and a special Greek cookie called “Antigone’s Koulourakia,” an orange flavored sugar cookie. All of the students truly enjoyed these activities and creative venues that were perfect additions to our “Greek Odyssey!”