IMS held Chase Collegiate to 3 points in the first half as the team dominated on defense in a game that was the first in which the team played both man-to-man and zone defense for the first time.  The frequently different defensive looks befuddled the opposition and led to many turnovers.  Aidan stood out on defense as he continued to hustle 100 percent of the time when on the basketball court.  He dove for three loose balls during the game, his high tempo kept his teammates energized on defense.

On the offensive end of the court, Julien, Zane, Patrick, Chance, Ben, Sherman, and Aidan all scored at least 4 points as the boys distributed the ball to each other unselfishly to pull ahead quickly.  A high point in the game came when Gus scored his first basket of the season!

The junior varsity boys play their next game against Mizzentop on Friday.