The IMS Squash team continued its success today with a decisive victory over Berkshire’s JV Girls, 11-1.  This brings IMS’ record to 3-0.  Many players had solid wins including Will, Greg, Cathy, Don, Jack P., and Gerard.  All of these players won their matches either in two (best-of-three) or three (best-of-five) games.  Avian, who recently earned a place on the ladder, lost her first game but came back to win the match with two definitive wins.  Aya, Heidi, and Joseph all started strong, winning their first games, but then faltered in their second, opening up the opportunity for their opponents to win the match.  However, all three IMS players were able to regroup and refocus, leading to three more matches won.  Jack Z.’s opponent was very strong and kept him moving for the entire match, but Jack’s quick reactions plus his strong and versatile skills gave him the edge to win the match in four games.  Min Chan put up a fantastic effort by pushing his opponent to five games in a best-of-five situation.  Losing games one and two, Min Chan was able to capitalize on his own strengths as a player to win games three and four.  Although Min Chan did not win the final game, his heart was in the match completely, and the team was extremely proud of his attitude to never give up without a fight.

Thanks again to all the parents and students who came out to support the team!  It was great to have a small but supportive cheering section.  Now, after three games in seven days, the Falcons will have some time to rest and prepare for their next opponent: DDS on Wednesday, January 20.