The junior varsity boys soccer team continued its undefeated run with a tie against Berkshire Country Day School on Friday.  The Faclons fought off the searing heat, and a much larger, far more experienced BCD side, to nearly came away with a victory.  

In the first half, stalwart IMS goalkeeper, Cormac, repelled shot after shot, positioning himself in precisely the right spot to stymie BCD’s attempts on goal.  Thanks to the efforts of Bell and the invaluable defensive play of Falcon sweeper Greg, IMS had a clean sheet when, in the first possession of the half, Khari launched a blinding strike from deep in BCD’s defensive third that found the back of the net.


In the second half, with the Falcons still ahead by one, the IMS players came out with far more energy than their oppoennets, whose frustration seemed to mount, and metastasize in some chippy play.  The Falcon coaches were pleased Indian Mountain players maintained their composure, took the high road by not responding in kind, and acquitted themselves like true sportsmen. They soared like Falcons. With less than five minutes left, what was nearly an improbable, heroic victory resulted in a tie, when, overcome by the heat and physicality of the game, IMS conceeded a goal by not stopping the ball on a BCD counter attack.  

While the contest ended in a 1-1 draw, Coach Gargill believes the IMS players strong performance is “a harbinger of good things to come for our squad, and our season.”  Coach Gargill went on to comment, “The outcome demonstrated that we can compete against the elements, and a much larger side, and still come out on top if we maintain our discipline.” Clearly, the team feels prepared for the challenges to come and are looking forward to their next game, which will be played on Wednesday, September 29, away at Renbrook.