The excavation for the new Student Center is well under way. There is no longer a way to drive all the way around the back of the Upper Campus. Instead, a two-lane loop road on each side of campus gives students a clear path to walk through the center of campus without having to worry about auto traffic.

Our first step in the process was to drill the eight geothermal well holes 500 feet into the ground next to the music building. The sludge and run-off was messy, but the process has already been completed. The geothermal energy from this system will heat and cool the 8,700 square foot Student Center year round. Next, we needed to decide what to do with the red barn, which was located on the new building site directly behind the gym and music building on Osgood Field. In our attempt to keep this process as green and lean as possible, we decided to relocate (and repurpose) the barn to a new spot near the maintenance area. The process of moving that enormous old barn was incredible to view in person. We are all excited about the progress we are making! Please check out the photos and videos.