Two ninth grade groups went head-to-head during the culmination of the School’s annual Ethics Bowl, a debate-style competition designed to deepen ethical and moral principles, foster critical thinking, enhance public speaking skills, and instill in students a sense of civil discourse and civic engagement.

Modeled after the National High School Ethics Bowl, a “competitive yet collaborative event in which students discuss real life ethical issues,” the competition encouraged ninth graders to debate and discuss highly complex topics, many of which relate to the ninth grade curriculum inspired by the U.N. Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

Students argued points, offered potential solutions, and answered hard-hitting questions from a panel of IMS judges. “The Ethics Bowl is a chance for ninth students to get used to ethical-style debate,” shares ninth grader Tony L. “I think ethics and morality are ignored by some of the curricula; it’s definitely nice to learn about debating broadly about whether something is right or wrong in an ethical sense.”