Each year, students look forward to Mountain Day, a fall competition that marks the beginning of a yearlong, school-wide rivalry between our Maroon and Gray teams. Throughout the year, these teams face off in friendly academic, athletic, and service-related challenges. The journey begins on our
sorting hike and culminates in the spring when a winning team is announced and a flag is hoisted.

The announcement of Mountain Day is always a surprise, and faculty and staff have had fun over the years with their elaborate attempts to fake students out. This past Tuesday, an unexpected performance by nearly 10 talented faculty and staff musicians led to the the official Mountain Day announcement.

The show began at Morning Meeting when Mr. T. McGlone serenaded the crowd with his ukulele and clever lyrics set to the tune of “Hotel California,” keeping students on the edges of their seats. Soon joined by Mr. Hodosy on the piano, Mr. Tieger on the guitar, and Miss McAfee and Mrs. Soja on vocals, the acoustic performance gained momentum. The audience was shocked when the Assembly Hall curtain was drawn—the crowd was treated to a rock performance delivered by Mr. Del Visco, Mr. Edson, Mr. Hodosy, Mr. C. McGlone, Mr. Miles, Mr. Stewart, and Mr. Tieger.

For the remainder of the day, our mission came to life as we competed in activities like the egg toss, capture the flag, pass the peanut, and mini-tricycle races. The excitement of Mountain Day always sets the tone for the school year and reminds us to seek new challenges, opportunities, and activities while channeling our core values of honesty, compassion, and respect.