Superheroes descended upon the Indian Mountain campus last week.  They read some stories, fought some crime, and shot a terrific video.

The sixth grade Superhero Project is a culmination of the skills and lessons learned this year in English class.  Students spend the month of May building their stories through a creative and critical process. They develop their characters and hone their plot. At the end of the month the students wear their superhero’s costume to school as a celebration of the completion of their projects. It is a fitting way to wrap up their time in the Middle School.

This year, the sixth grade decided to do something special: a lip dub. This is a thoroughly designed, precisely executed one-take movie.  It required a tremendous amount of patience, focus, and teamwork.  After several days of planning and rehearsing, they filmed their Sixth Grade Superhero Lip Dub on the final day of classes.  Enjoy!