– by Sammi D’Angelo

 On Sunday, December 10th, ten students traveled to the Millbrook School to participate in a Model United Nations conference, competing against other students from Millbrook and Dutchess Day School. Model UN is an engaging and educational simulation where students step into the roles of diplomats, representing various countries to discuss and address global issues. Through lively debates, strategic negotiations, and collaboration, participants enhance their understanding of international relations, diplomacy, and critical problem-solving skills.

Millbrook’s conference comprised 3 committees with varying topics:

– The Crisis Committee focused on the historical crisis of the Black Plague, discussing protocol for how best to rid neighboring European countries and kingdoms of the disease. Our team brought a penchant for orchestrating behind-the-scenes chaos, bringing a mischievous and sly sense of humor to the delight of the committee chairs.  

– The World Health Organization Committee discussed The Provision of Medical Aid in Conflict Zones with such extensive research and ease; while it was their first conference, each delegate from our team masterfully advocated for policies that would benefit their nation and wrote resolutions that passed with a majority consensus. 

– The Disarmament and International Security Council (DISEC)debated the newfound technological issue of Regulating Drone Warfare. An interesting topic that certainly challenged our participants, DISEC provided an environment in which our delegates called for moderated caucuses to discuss the varying associated issues.  

The Model UN club leaders, Ms. D’Angelo and Ms.Vaughn, are immensely proud of their team and the effort they put forth Sunday, even with limited preparation time.

This conference was a remarkable showcase of our students’ intellect, diplomacy, quick thinking, and adaptability. The future of global diplomacy looks bright with these talented young diplomats at the helm!