IMS student actors embrace their challenging dramatic roles in the spring drama performance.
Twelve Angry Men, by the American playwright Reginald Rose, was originally written for television, and it was broadcast live on CBS’s show Studio One in 1954. The fifty-minute television script can be found in Rose’s Six Television Plays, published in 1956 (out of print in 2005). Rose expanded the play for the stage, and a new version was published in 1955 (Dramatic Publishing Company; in print). Two years later, in 1957, Rose wrote the screenplay for a film version, which he co-produced with the actor Henry Fonda. The play has subsequently been updated and revived; for example, in a production at the American Airlines Theater in New York City in 2004.
The play was inspired by Rose’s own experience of jury duty on a manslaughter case in New York City. At first, he had been reluctant to serve on a jury, but, he wrote, “the moment I walked into the courtroom … and found myself facing a strange man whose fate was suddenly more or less in my hands, my entire attitude changed.” Rose was greatly impressed by the gravity of the situation, the somber activity of the court, and the “absolute finality” of the decision that he and his fellow jurors would have to make. He also thought that since no one other than the jurors had any idea of what went on in a jury room, a play taking place entirely within a jury room might be an exciting and possibly moving experience for an audience. The result is a taut, engrossing drama in which eleven jurors believe the defendant in a capital murder trial is guilty, while one juror stands up courageously for what he believes is justice and tries to persuade the others to his way of thinking.
Foreman: Jack Park
Juror #2: Will Bliss
Juror #3: Emma Herrmann
Juror #4: Sam Pastore
Juror #5: Cormac Bell
Juror #6: Elsie Pryor
Juror #7: Ella Schmidt
Juror #8: Max Coleman
Juror #9: Dede McKelvy
Juror #10: Greg Reiss
Juror #11: Aidan Teetor
Juror #12: Rachel Yerks
Judge: Finya Swai
Guard: Lizzie Devlin
Attorney #1: Lillian Schopp
Attorney #2: Joe Kim
Marshall: Jim Hoon Lim
Director: Peter Richmond
Stage Crew: Devon Reynolds
Lighting: Michael Carter, Griffin Hochstetter
Assistant to the Director: Emma Herrmann
Cover Art by: Helena Seo
Special thanks to………
Star Herrmann, Clifton Jaeger, Dick Gottlieb
Mizza’s Pizza
The amazing crew of Richard Swiatek
JoAnne Tuncy
Indian Mountain School’s continued and enthusiastic support of the arts!