At IMS, we are a community of students, educators, artists, athletes, writers, creators, doers, and dreamers. We are each unique with our own experiences, interests, skills, and passions, but we are united by our mission to inspire in each member of our community the courage to climb, the joy to create, the passion to learn, and the spirit to contribute in kind and meaningful ways.

Mr. Edson’s middle school English students recently completed a writing project that celebrated our community. They were asked to interview a faculty or staff member and write a feature-style article based on their conversations. Students prepared by learning how to craft compelling, open-ended questions, how to utilize technology during and after an interview, and the importance of an iterative process when it comes to writing a strong narrative.

In addition to honing their writing skills, students cultivated their curiosity by asking questions and listening actively. They also learned from friends during the peer editing process, discovered new points of view, practiced public speaking and communication skills, and more deeply understood the importance of different perspectives and how they make a community more rich. Several fifth graders even spoke in front of the entire Upper Campus during Community Time to describe their projects and what they learned.

Mr. Edson stated that it was “exciting to watch the students develop agency over the course of this writing process.” He added, “In the end, I think that they had a better sense of themselves as writers, but also how they fit into a larger, vibrant IMS community.”

The articles are on display in the Middle School hallway for all to read. It’s impossible to walk past attention-grabbing headlines like, “The Secrets of Ms. Zeiler,” “Ms. McAfee Faces Her Fear,” “Unmasking the Athletics Director,” and “Discovering Mr. Decock.” Stop by and read them today!